Health Analytics-New Option For Medical Students in INDIA

Health Analytics-New Option For Medical Students in INDIA

  • Healthcare division in India needs a change in its client procurement and care. With Analytics firms maturing over the globe, India needs to annihilate the old social insurance the board framework and grasp new and effective apparatuses.
  • Healthcare Analytic is branch working on an analysis of patient's Clinical data, health records, patients behaviour.
  • Health Analytic grow 18 billion by 2020 in US. So, it's our time to expand this new field in India.
  • In India, Two well-known institute offer for this Post Graduation Course.
  • This branch is for those medical graduates who want to change their field and to work towards Tech profession. who no longer interested in medicine.
  • Your Medical background will definitely help you in this course because as Medicine background you can think better where and when to apply.


  1. Krupanidhi School of Management
  2. IIM-Banglore

Objective Of Course

  • Finance Knowledge in Healthcare
  • Digital Marketing
  • HR
  • Healthcare IT
  • Healthcare Management
  • Clinical Data and Electronic Health Records

Scope and Placement

As Healthcare Industry growing so fast job opportunities are wide. one can work as healthcare IT Expert, HR, Administrative. We can also join health and technology revolution tech companies like siemens and philips.

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