MBBS is not a joke

I wrote this blog for those middle-class Indian parents who force their children to get admission in MBBS 
MBBS is not a joke

Well, the same thing happens to me before 10 years when I was in my 10th STD my parents dreamed that " Mera beta doctor Banega" and they told me to take science in 11th and 12th.but seriously I don't know what it takes to become a doctor at that time. In our family, one of my cousins was a doctor. So one day when he came to my home everybody even my parents gave him so much respect and cheer him for what he achieved in his life. And my mind got f**s. I decided to become a doctor. 

Countdown Starts

11th and 12th science(1) + PMT(1)+ MBBS(5.5)=8.5 YEARS OF YOUR LIFE(If you continue passed all the exams)

After this when you got back to home one of your relative comes to your home and told you that " Oh, You have Completed your MBBS but, you know nowadays there is no value of only MBBS doctor so you must have to do post-graduation. Then again your mind got f**, you start preparing for PG and it will take 1-year minimum ...if you are the best. After cracking NEET-PG again 3 years of PG so,

8.5 +1+3= 12.5

 In some branches like General Medicine and surgery, you have to do super speciality so it will take 2 years more...

12.5+2= 14.5

your age when getting admission 18
after completing super speciality 18+14.5=32.5

Oh, Hello now it's not over you are new in practice so you have to make contacts to start your own hospital.
And if you make any mistake in diagnosing patients their relatives and politicians will ruin your life.
Your life will be finished...
So, I am requesting you all middle-class parents please don't force your child to do MBBS
MBBS is not a joke.
It is only for those who are truly passionate about it...

Small Message for students ..........Do what you love it’s your life 

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