Stop laziness in one minute

Stop laziness in one minute
  • As a student sometime we may experience about one or two things of being lazy after packed with several tuitions and activities as valid excuses for that right if you are working and feeling lazy.
  • yet you really are unhappy about it there are various way that it can affect the person around you and not only you but your employer in reality if all the hours people all over the world spend sitting in their offices by scrolling Facebook as they should be working the fat can waste a huge lot of time so laziness and uninspired motivation are becoming much worse than current generation due to the fast pace of Technology growth and many had to catch up with that the social media had influenced a lot of people being overloaded with unlimited amount of information sound familiar were feeling bad about it.

Do you want to change your laziness try applying this easy Japanese principle called Kaizen

  • Kaizen was at first introduced to the Western world by author Masaaki Imai these days this famous practice was applied in many organizations employee development programs especially the top largest car company Toyota with Akio Toyoda the CEO of the world's largest automaker had implemented this principle in its most recent financial year.
  • the Japanese car company had made ten point four million vehicles and had brought in with an increment of twenty billion dollars in net profits thanks to part of this effective practice of Kaizen.
  • the key of this main principle Kaizen is that instead of performing directly with big changes for good results best is you should start from small changes over a period of time for good results from that you allowed yourself to prevent from the burnout that comes from trying to tackle one big task at once.

Guideline for Kaizen principle

1. Not to focus just on the problems all the time

  • By forgetting the frustration for a moment such as go outside for a 5 minutes walk or even sitting down and turning on the TV for a few minutes even though this sounds easy but doing so can help you to relax.
  • Sometimes we never know that the sudden inspiration will come by and helps you to get away from the task at hand.

2. Allow yourself to teach others on how to do things that you are good at

  • So, be open to accept and learn from others thus you will be surprised at how much you can learn by doing so.
  • This is another way of increasing your inspiration especially to do something creative the fact is that someone who is newly introduced to something will always have a fresh way of doing things so that you can work to expand your understanding about the topics.

3. Focus at improving yourself first

  •  Kaizen is not a principle you need to implement into anyone else we cannot understand so use this principle on yourself first and then you will discover that by doing small changes such as using one minute to do a thing can actually make a huge difference at a later stage.
  • The small change includes as improving one out of the ten steps of the task can innovate the task at faster speed improved work quality rise productivity and improved communication.
  • The key motivation of this principle helps to expand your improvement effort from within yet doesn't mean that you can't teach someone else about this principle.
  • The principle to sum up this Kaizen principle you should firstly not focus on the problems then teach others about doing specific tasks lastly focus on improving yourself first at doing the task.
  • Don't forget that the actual implementation of this Kaizen principle is to do a thing by using one minute time first then you will get where you want after the one minute had passed while still liking to do the task.
  • The fact of implementing Kaizen is actually allowing yourself to get started in the first place the succeeding it will not be far away.
  • So, start working for one minute on the task you feel lazy from today on, you will be amazed at how far you actually can proceed using Kaizen and guideline from within.

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