Why do nice people choose the wrong people to date?

Why do nice people choose the wrong people to date?

Hey, Friends!
So, today we are going to discuss this topic. Actually, it seems to be a very serious question for some people.
This article is for both boys and girl but according to me as I am living in India boys affected more in India than a girl
Am I right, boys?
So, let’s get started
First thing whom we want to date depends on how we comfortable with that person to talk, Hangout, chill. We will not date a person whom we think is boring.

But, what wrong happened that leads us to choose the wrong date?
First of all, as a good person, you always thinking about her good side and always try to help her. But let me clarify one thing though a girl is beautiful or not there were always some boys behind her to help her, ask her for a date, ask her for shopping...so that girl will make you a Friend-zone guy and you are not any special person for her...

You know that you will not do anything wrong with her because your heart says "NO”. But that other boys they do all the wrong things to convince her and finally, they succeed. Because a girl likes that new thing they were enjoying it and go for a date.

This thing always happens to good people.

But don't worry that Girl will return back to you after she will realize that she was cheated by that guy and you were the one who was always thinking about her good side.

One last advice to all you guys if you love someone ask her as early as possible though she rejects your proposal at that time but, she at least know that you like her and she starts thinking about you.

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