10 Secrets To Avoid Getting Fat During The Holidays

10 Secrets To Avoid Getting Fat During The Holidays

We are all looking forward to the arrival of the holidays. Many have already planned and others still doubt about the destination or how to meet this period of rest. But in either case, vacations can pose a threat to attempts to lose weight or, at least, preserve it without undesirable weight increases. It is not a matter of suffering a long journey of gastronomic deprivation, but of control, basically, the quantities consumed daily, even if it is the "light" variants of different foods.
Below, we bring you some recommendations made by experts to help counteract the temptations and their consequences.
10 Secrets To Avoid Getting Fat During The Holidays

  • Diversify your attention

Many times we have heard stories about holidays in which the magnitude and variety of breakfasts, drinks in the hotel pool or dinners on cruises or small restaurants facing the sea, have a really remarkable role. 
For this reason, it is recommended that the moments of the meals are the occasion to chat with friends or occasional companions of trips or excursions, or perhaps to enjoy in family remembering special moments of the year, subtracting prominence to the meals.

  •  Eat slowly

Between bites, put the cutlery on the table and chew more slowly, as if each piece of food was unique and unique.

  •  Avoid arriving at the time of food with hunger

As often referred to, the worst time to control the amounts of food to eat are those in which hunger rages. 
Try to have some low-calorie snack on hand and when you arrive at the table, first take a large glass of water or soda.
  •  Take control of snacks 
A good resource may be to carry in a pocket the number of toothpicks that corresponds to the number of snacks you can eat without problems. Use each of these implements for a different snack, and then discard it. Another alternative is to take a small dish and place where the total of what you have to consume, and at the end of the content leave the plate on the table.

  •  Minimize the buffet 

If a formal lunch or dinner is waiting for you, minimize the consumption of the dishes that usually serve as a buffet; prefer those simpler and without sauce or creamy dressings.

  •  Limit alcohol

In this way not only is it possible to reduce the caloric intake of alcoholic beverages (particularly those combined with juices), but it also helps to maintain control over what is going to be consumed. Try to have a glass with soda or diet soda to feel more comfortable and avoid temptations.

  •  Be selective with sweets

As many times we have mentioned, a diabetic can be given small sweet tastes, from time to time. But we recommend that you be selective, that is, choose from the desserts those you like the most and try to stay in the middle portion.

  •  Take your own dishes

If you are invited to a picnic, to a meal on the beach or in the fifth, take charge of bringing the dessert. Choose an option that you like and that is colourful and low in calories. The ideal: fruit desserts, ideal for summer, when creams and chocolates are not very suitable alternatives.

  •  During the preparation of the meals, avoid the exaggeration of taste tests.

If it is a dish of your invention or it is the first time you prepare it, you can try it immediately before spicing it up and immediately after doing it. Just try the amount contained in a teaspoon of coffee.
  •  Walk
Make walks (with family, friends or alone) part of the vacation routine. It may be important to do so after the meal or even before it, and it helps to maintain control.
Keep these tips in mind, try to put them into practice and happy and healthy vacations!

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