3 Simple Ways To Stay Fit Without Going To The Gym

3 Simple Ways To Stay Fit Without Going To The Gym

Going to a gym is not the only way to stay in good physical condition. Modifying the way to perform some of the daily activities, can lead to a similar result: burn calories, decrease fat mass and increase the body's muscle mass.
Here are some suggestions that "if you are not an enthusiastic assistant to the gym", they will allow you, in any case, to approach the goal of achieving a good physical condition.

  • Less car, collective or subway 

The proposal is simple, replace the means of transport you usually use to move from one place to another (to your work, to visit a friend, or to perform a banking procedure) by which your body provides your legs and feet.

The walk at first glance an act so simple that it is usually disdained as physical activity. It is an excellent exercise to practice at any time of the day and at any stage of life. If it is a question of benefits, it is enough to mention, by way of example, that the walk practised regularly and at a sustained pace (that is, without forcing the walking but without stopping) tones the muscles, increases the oxygenation of the tissues, improves the heart rate, It favours the decrease of cholesterol and favourably affects the cardiovascular risk factors and the diabetes complications related to the circulation. While everyone has their own pace, it is advisable that the walk is extended for at least 15 minutes and the route is around 10 blocks.
Those who start the day with a walk usually feel full of energy when they reach their destination. Naturally, it is not about proposing goals so far from the usual routine that they end up leaving aside the second attempt, generating frustration and no benefit for the organism. If the trip to the destination (for example, the workplace) is too long, you can get off the bus or subway a couple of stops earlier. Another alternative is to walk at the end of the day after the stress of an entire day's work, the walk back to your home.
Another advisable means of transport "in addition to your feet"   and if the city in which you live is prepared for it is to use the bicycle as a means of transport. If there are more risks than the benefits that arise from daily commuting in this way, postpone the use of the bicycle until the weekends. An exit alone or in the company of the family will be transformed into a walk with the physical and psychic gratifications associated with a pleasant environment.

  • Do not escape the stairs 

Climbing and descending stairs are one of the exercises that provide the most benefits to our legs, strengthen them extremely and help develop the muscles. But it is also one of the exercises that require more effort. Like with the walk, be cautious. If you live on a tenth floor, do not intend to make the ascent of the ten floors by stairs the first day. Get off the elevator in the ninth, for example, and, as you feel that this task does not agitate you and demand little effort, gradually increase the number of steps that go up.

  • Dance

If you like to dance, do it! Not only will you have fun, but it will help improve your health while having fun. Where? When? With whom? Surely the answers will vary, no matter the time, place or company, the important thing is to enjoy the double pleasure of moving to the beat of the music and improve their physical condition.

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