How Your Game Addiction(PUBG) ruined your life and How To Get Rid Of It.

Nowadays so many teenager and youngsters are game addicted. They can't concentrate on their study and work. In some cases, it also affects their personal relationships with family, friends and loved ones. so, today I am going to tell you what exactly game addiction is and how to get rid of it.

Gaming disorder

  • Gaming addiction including video or a digital game like PUBG(Player unknown battleground) is officially classified as a disease under the 11th revision of the international classification of disease by WHO in mid-2018.
  • Dr Vladimir Poznyak from WHO defines it as a particular pattern of gaming behaviour with characteristics like impaired control over gaming, gaming behaviour takes precedence our other daily activities and interests of the person to the extent that it results in impaired functioning or distress and what is important is that this behaviour continues in spite of this negative consequences.
  • Gaming disorder is not equivalent to gaming behaviour. It's very different things. 


  • Dominating behaviour 
  • Gaming behaviour starts interfering the other activities like functioning at School, at university, With functioning as a family member. Duration of these consequences should be at least 12 months.

Other health problems

  • Disturbing the Sleep Patterns leads to insomnia or other sleeping disorder.
  • Decrease in Physical activities leads to obesity.
  • Damaging your eyes.


  1. To know that first, we have to understand what is an addiction, It is when you abnormally become depends on some activity that consumes so much of your time and you can't do anything else than it is an addiction.
  2. Now, sit down, take a deep breath and think about your life. Ask yourself a question are you here only to waste your time behind this stupid game that's has nothing to do with any creative skill improvement in your life.
  3. Your life is more important than this game. It is consuming all your precious time in which you can do any creative things like reading a book, Painting, Writing, workout.
  4. By winning in a virtual world you get nothing in life.
  5. So, uninstalled a game from your mobile or laptop now and start working on yourself.

You are your only Limit

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