7 Natural ways to get rid of headache

7 Natural ways to get rid of  headache

  • Headache relief is a big business. Popping pills every time you get a headache can be a headache in itself. The next time you feel your head throbbing, try one of these natural cures.
  • These 7 natural folk remedies are trusty fixes for stress headaches.

1. Double-team the pain

  • While soaking in a steamy bath, hold an ice pack on your head. The combination of hot and cold relieves your headache by drawing blood away from your head and narrowing the blood vessels in your scalp.

2. Wrap it up

  • Try tying a handkerchief around your head, just above your brow. This could also reduce the blood flow in your scalp and get rid of the pounding in your head.

3. Treat your feet

  • With just one teaspoon of powdered mustard or ginger, you can turn a plastic basin of hot water into a fast headache cure. Just mix the powder into water that’s as hot as you can stand. Then pull up your favourite chair, sit back, and let your feet soak for 15 minutes.
  • It’s important to cover the basin with a heavy towel to keep the heat in. Keep your eyes closed and your muscles relaxed for the full effect. Your headache should vanish by the time the water cools.

4. Serve up relief

  • To win match point against your headache, wrap up two tennis balls in the toe of a non-elastic sock. Then lie on your back and wedge the balls behind your neck, one on each side. They’ll relax your next muscles, smoothing away headache-causing tension.

5. Rub out the tension

  • Sit in your favourite chair with your eyes closed. Begin massaging your temples and forehead, then work your way down to your neck and shoulders.
  • Breathe slowly and deeply, and focus on relaxing your entire body.

6. Draw out the pain

  • To make a handy hot compress, heat up salt in a dry pan until it’s warm but not too hot. Pour the salt into a thin dishtowel and bundle it up.
  • For pain in the front of your head, hold the compress to the back of your head and rub. The dry heat from the salt could draw out the headache.

7. Stop your headache cold

  • For a frozen compress, hold on to your old socks. Wet them, and seal them in a zip-lock bag in your freezer. Use the whole sock if you want, or cut off the bottom and use just the top.

  Results in getting relief from headache vary from person to person, so  I suggest that you try the 7 natural headache remedies one after the other.

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